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Numbers talk... and that's why engineers love them.
Here's a snapshot of our impact:

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camps and shelters

The number of camps and shelters we have supported in Mexico.


Not only does our team construct permanent infrastructure, but we also provide emergency services like hygiene supplies and portable bathrooms.

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up to
people per month

The number of people our services can reach each month.

While the services we provide are constant, the population they serve are extremely transient and can fluctuate by thousands. Shelters and camps range in capacity from 20 to 3,500 people.

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square meters

The size of the shelter that our team helped design and construct.

Senda de Vida 2 is the largest shelter in Mexico constructed by NGOs. Like all of our projects, our team ensures its sustainability by helping with monitoring, operation, and maintenance.

The best medicine is prevention.

In humanitarian aid, things are always changing. Our services are preventative in nature and serve an extremely transient population. Because of this, it's impossible to measure how much suffering was prevented and the many lives we have saved by creating systems that protect the health of displaced populations and the surrounding local community.

Check out our live dashboard that summarizes some of the life-saving supplies we've distributed among our network:

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