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The best medicine is prevention.

In humanitarian aid, things are always changing. What we know is our services currently reach up to 10,000 people each month in Northern Mexico. However, it's impossible to measure how much suffering was prevented and the many lives we have saved by creating systems that protect their health.

Our team is well-versed in constructing and maintaining infrastructure. Not only did we help construct WASH infrastructure for multiple shelters, including the the largest shelter in the region, which is home to up to 3,500 people at a time, we also provide and maintain emergency bathrooms and water tanks in various informal camps. From one-off construction projects in existing shelters, to full-blown construction of new shelters, Solidarity is well equipped with the technical knowledge needed to create sustainable changes. 


In addition to infrastructure, we focus on distributing consumable supplies. To date, Solidarity has distributed the following:

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