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If you're interested in learning more about the dynamics of migration, check out these resources.

Feb 2021


Solidarity Engineering

Solidarity's very own production, Dignity Displaced explores why so many people are making the dangerous journey to the southern U.S. border and what life looks like for displaced communities navigating this humanitarian crisis.

Hear stories directly from people living or working in humanitarian crises, as well as interviews with experts, leaders, and advocates from all over the world.



Dignity Displaced

Nov 2019


This American Life

The podcast that started it all for Solidarity Engineering and won the very first Pulitzer Prize awarded to a radio show. This episode covers the consequences of the Trump administration's "Remain in Mexico" policy, from the very first camp we worked in, to the perspectives of border patrol officers.



The Out Crowd

Feb 2017


Author Unknown

The unidentified author of this book was a solidarity worker at the U.S.-Mexico border for years. Working with the aid organization "No More Deaths," they left water and supplies in the desert for migrants to find along their grueling journey north to the border.

The raw personal anecdotes combined with thoughtful analysis of the greater dynamics at play make this a must read.



No Wall They Can Build: A Guide to Borders & Migration Across North America

Jul 2023


Jaz O’Hara

Based on the popular podcast, Asylum Speakers is a collection of 31 stories of migration, from those leaving everything they know behind them, to those working alongside them.

Here are the voices that often go unheard: the humans behind the statistics and the headlines. From Syria to Venezuela, Eritrea to Afghanistan, Asylum Speakers transcends borders, nationalities, religions and languages, connecting you to the people with whom we share this world.



Asylum Speakers: Stories of Migration From the Humans Behind the Headlines

Jun 2022


Reyna Grande & Sonia Guiñansaca

A unique collection of 41 essays, poems, and artwork by migrants, refugees and Dreamers—including award-winning writers, artists, and activists—that illuminate what it is like living undocumented today.

In the overheated debate about immigration, we often lose sight of the humanity at the heart of this complex issue. The immigrants and refugees living precariously in the United States are mothers and fathers, children, neighbors, and friends. Individuals propelled by hope and fear, they gamble their lives on the promise of America, yet their voices are rarely heard.

This anthology of essays, poetry, and art seeks to shift the immigration debate—now shaped by rancorous stereotypes and xenophobia—towards one rooted in humanity and justice.



Somewhere We Are Human

Oct 2022


Andrea Pons

In this inspiring and creative Mexican cookbook, Andrea Pons takes you on a journey through flavor, family, and her immigration story. With 78 easy and delicious recipes from three generations of women in her family, this cookbook offers you a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine.

In her journey through food, she shares not only her experiences with cooking but also her family's immigration story.



Mamacita: Recipes Celebrating Life as a Mexican Immigrant in America

Jul 2021


How To Save a Planet (Gimlet Media)

Human migration is nothing new, but the scale at which people will need to relocate due to climate change will be different than ever before. To handle such shifts in population, our governments and immigration systems will have to evolve.

This challenge, and the stakes, are illustrated beautifully in the essay, “Like the Monarch,” written by New Yorker staff writer Sarah Stillman. This essay explores the complex intersections between the climate crisis and human migration. It is read by actor, producer, director, and activist America Ferrera.



Like The Monarch, Human Migrations During Climate Change

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