Women Founded, Women Led

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Junior Project Coordinator

Hannah is completing her master’s degree in Global Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder with graduate certificates in Indigenous Studies and Environmental Justice. Hannah has two years of experience as a youth advocate for a human rights organization focused on ending domestic violence in Boulder, Colorado. She is working in Reynosa and Matamoros, Mexico this summer to complete her master’s practicum.

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Principal Engineer

Erin received a bachelor's and master's degree in Environmental Engineering from Drexel University, and worked in the private and pubic engineering sectors for 10 years. She specializes water treatment, stormwater management, and construction. After working at an unrecognized refugee camp in Matamoros, Mexico for 9 months she now serves as the organization’s lead engineer.

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Field Engineer

Christa received a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Louisiana State University. After working as a traditional civil engineer then joining the Peace Corps in Peru, she went on to complete a master's degree in Sustainable Engineering from Villanova. Christa has focused her career on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and the integration of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and drone technology into WASH work.

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Field Engineer

Chloe has bachelor degrees in Chemical and Biological engineering and Neuroscience from the University of Colorado Boulder.  Her career has largely focused on displacement and she has spent time in camps in Greece and working with resettlement agencies and harm reduction organizations in Colorado before moving to the US/Mexico border.


Junior Project Coordinator

Jen is a Professional Master's student studying Global Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. She has a mechanical engineering background and worked for GE Aviation until returning to school to pursue a path to humanitarian aid work. She is coordinating infrastructure projects at the border this summer to fulfill her practicum requirement and learn about the dynamics of migration to the Southern border of the US.



Bertha Alicia Bermúdez Tapia

Dison Valladares

Anik Patel, MD

Jordan Ermilio, PhD

Philip E Hughes, Jr., CPA, JD