Women founded, women led

Started by 3 women who met working at the US/Mexico border, Solidarity is committed to including traditionally marginalized populations directly in projects to create more sustainable solutions


Community centered projects

Working in low resource, often hard to reach places means focusing on providing means for the communities themselves to identify and implement projects.


Public health focused

The goal of Solidarity is to better living conditions through the implementation of projects that address both physical and mental health.

"In our choice to be with those who suffer, compassion leads not simply to pity but to solidarity.”

- James Orbinski, An Imperfect Offering

This year give the gift of Solidarity.

As the pandemic and climate change continue to exacerbate migration, supporting small direct-action groups saves lives. Here are ways you can help this holiday season:

Purchase a hygiene kit for an asylum seeker

Hygiene kits will be distributed in Reynosa, Matamoros, and Tapachula - three Mexican cities with large asylum seeker populations who are in need of the very basics. Thousands of asylum seekers flee their homes and travel for weeks or months to find solace and safety with their sponsors in the United States. The journey they take is long and arduous, and most of the asylum seekers prioritize food, medicine, and safety over hygiene needs. Not only can this cause dangerous cases of diarrhea and skin infections, but it is incredibly dehumanizing. Each kit costs $34 and a personalized card with photos will be given to the donor, along with a donation receipt.

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Give a sustainable gift- a subscription to our Patreon

Small, monthly donations are what sustain our projects. This year, consider giving a subscription to our Patreon. After 3 months of donating, the recipient will receive Solidarity merchandise ranging from a Dignity Displaced sticker to exclusive photography prints, depending on which tier is selected. This gift not only supports our Podcast, Dignity Displaced, but will directly help provide basic needs in refugee camps and shelters ranging from clean water to toilet paper to materials for STEM classes for asylum seeker children. If you purchase a Patreon subscription as a gift, let us know below using a contact form and we'll send you a personalized note with photos of our projects.

Buy our merchandise

Support Solidarity Engineering in your day-to-day life by purchasing some merchandise through our Bonfire. Included in our store are project specific designs by Nicole Hobday that showcase the national flower of the respective country. All proceeds of these purchases will go directly to our projects.

Other ways to give:

Not looking to buy a gift, but want to contribute this holiday season? Follow the link below to donate to our general project funds.


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