Dignity Displaced, by Solidarity Engineering, is a podcast meant to bring voices from the field of humanitarian crises direct to you, with little to no filter.

Dignity Displaced highlights the interconnection between displacement, migration, and climate change through sharing stories directly from people living or working in humanitarian crises as well as interviews with experts, leaders, and advocates from all over the world.


This episode includes 4 interviews with Guatemalan indigenous leaders, youth protesters, and water rights activists. Together, these interviews will give you an idea of how the historic power imbalances, foreign investment, and the ongoing fight for human rights in Guatemala effects migration toward the US/Mexico border. 

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This episode focuses on how climate change has both sudden and slow onset effects on migration. It includes a conversation with an expert in the field as well as an aid worker who has focused the past 3o years on confronting water sacristy. 

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Matamoros- The Beginning of the End

This episode of Dignity Displaced follows several asylum seekers at the Matamoros refugee camp as they describe their journey to the border, their expereince in the camp, and their reaction to President Biden's first steps to repeal the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP).

00:00 / 25:07