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the plaza

in reynosa, mx

There are thousands of asylum seekers waiting in the Plaza, and the numbers are growing. While they wait, the asylum seekers have developed a community. Both a hygiene team and kitchen crew have self-organized to provide for the needs of their community.

Safely Managed Drinking Water

In the plaza there were no existing potable water access points, meaning asylum seekers were having to pay for all water (many of whom do not have financial resources for this) or drinking unclean water and getting sick. This is why we started collaborating with Team Brownsville and Doctors Without Borders to ensure multiple 1,100L water tanks within the camp are routinely filled with potable water. 

Hygiene & Sanitation

Solidarity has partnered with a self-formed hygiene team of 70 asylum seekers to supply them with the tools they need to maintain the plaza's 30 portapotties. The asylum seeker-Solidarity team works with local suppliers so the asylum seekers have access to basic needs such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer when they need it. Solidarity is in regular communication with the hygiene team to supply all materials needed to keep the bathrooms clean in order to limit the spread of preventable diseases. View the regularly updated interactive dashboard below to see what Solidarity has provided so far:

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