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  • Dug over 1000 feet of drainage channels and berms throughout the camp to direct stormwater to the river and out of peoples’ tents and living areas. Resulting in less ponding and less smell which helps reduce mosquitoes and other insects

  • Fundraised and brought in 180+ tons of gravel to improve mobility/accessibility throughout camp during inclement weather, and drain the site faster

  • Assessed erosion and distributed slope stabilization seeding along riverbank 

  • Built and distributed over 450 platforms to raise residents’ tents up off of the ground 

  • Removed large, dangerous loose tree branches

  • Planned sandbag locations, filled and distributed 700 hundred of sandbags to protect the GRM clinic as well as individual tents and living areas from flooding

This project would not have been possible without our partnership with Team Brownsville, the Resource Center of Matamoros, and Global Response Management.

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