Jordan Ermilio
Jordan Ermilio, PhD

Dr. Jordan Ermilio is the Director of the Center for Humanitarian Engineering and International Development at Villanova University. While a student at Villanova himself, Dr. Ermilio traveled through Southeast Asia, connecting with people who lived in remote areas. After seeing the level of poverty in some of these regions, he knew a traditional career path was not for him. Dr. Ermilio served in the Peace Corps in the Philippines for three years working on renewable energy and water sanitation projects. After his time in the Philippines, he worked with Oxfam International in newly-independent East Timor, rebuilding schools and improving water and sanitation services. In 2011, Dr. Ermilio was named the director of the Villanova Engineering Serving Learning program (VESL), a program that grew to encompass hundreds of students engaging with international partners to improve the quality of life for people around the globe. The success of VESL led to the creation of Villanova's Center for Humanitarian Engineering and International Development in 2020.