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This women's history month, we invite you to join forces with Solidarity Engineering and global activists in launching the very first here4HER campaign.

Fusing digital platforms and enduring compassion, the here4HER campaign aims to provide adequate reproductive health support for thousands of migrant women and girls stranded at the US-Mexico border.

Interested in helping? Every person can be an activist. Every person can play a crucial role in helping to not only support those in need, but inspiring others to do the same.

In camps throughout Reynosa and Matamoros, Mexico, thousands of women and girls are forced to live in shame and fear of their bodies, because they lack the necessary resources to ensure adequate reproductive health.

We invite you to partner with Solidarity Engineering in fighting period poverty and increasing reproductive health for migrant women at the border. With your support, we will protect and empower the forgotten woman, and we will get her what she needs.

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the situation

Since 2019, more than 60,000 asylum seekers have been forced to live in tent cities scattered along the Texas-Mexico border. 

Approximately 11,000 of whom currently reside in shelters and informal camps located on the Rio Grande River, in the cities of Reynosa and Matamoros. Sleeping in makeshift shelters and overcrowded tents with limited access to water, sanitation, and other basic  necessities, the reality of these camps is stark.

Living in such hazardous conditions poses serious risks to the reproductive health of thousands of women and girls, and as the number of new arrivals continues to grow, reproductive health supplies are running dangerously low.

What we do

Solidarity Engineering is an effective and dedicated team of human rights defenders serving more than 10,000 migrants each month. We build shelters and W.A.S.H. facilities, source and distribute basic needs supplies, and provide health education within the camps.


Understanding reproductive health care should be simple. That is why we have broken it down into four
pillars; Prevention, Periods, Pregnancy and Post-
Partum needs.


Partner with us: The power of





Get involved

Calling all social change advocates of all ages, from Boomers to Gen-Z. Women's rights are human rights, and that means all of us.

01 Share her story

02 Share the message #here4Her.

03 Donate $4

04 Invite 4 friends


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What's on the schedule?

teens4HER NYC

here4HER and Solidarity Engineering will be hosting a pizza party and discussion at an NYC High School with our teen ambassadors. TEENS ONLY!

Invite only

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Mar 14 | 3pm - 4pm EST

panel discussion 


Join us for an evening of awareness and empowerment. Hear from field experts and women who will be sharing their own experience making the journey across the border. Photography exhibit by Vero Cardenas. Reception to follow. Sponsored by Roosevelt House and Hunter College.

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Mar 16 | 6pm EST

Roosevelt House

here4HER cocktail hour


Join us for a short presentation, live music, and complimentary cocktails. We want to get to know you! Featured photography by Veronica Cardenas. Sponsored by YOLA Mezcal.

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Mar 17 | 6:30pm EST

Top Quality

10-29 44th Rd

Queens, NY 11101

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