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  • The team continuously tracks hurricanes and storms, and warns camp residents of inclement weather

  • Completed an analysis of the Rio Grande floodplain to determine river overflow risk (the risk of flooding and river overflow at the camp’s location is very high)

  • Prepared evacuation plan, and presented it to UNHCR and local authorities

  • During Hurricane Hanna... 

    • Monitored river gage elevations every hour for a full two weeks during and after the storm hit landfall 

    • Assessed a new potential site for resident relocation, if evacuation was deemed necessary

    • Dug emergency drainage channels and berms 

    • Pumped out people’s tents and living spaces 

    • Coordinated with camp management and local authorities

    • Contacted the International Boundary and Waters Commission, as well as Brownsville and Cameron County emergency officials

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This project would not have been possible without our partnership with the Resource Center of Matamoros.

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